Entrance Requirements

Country Specific Entrance Requirements and English Language Requirements

Programme Specific Entrance Requirements

  • We invite applications from healthcare professionals; administrators, managers and officers with experience of working in healthcare settings/industries; IT specialists with experience of working in healthcare sectors/industries, and health scientists.  Each application should possess a minimum of 2nd class honours, grade 2 in their primary degree (Level 8, National Qualifications Authority of Ireland) or equivalent.


  • Applicants with at least five years’ work experience in a healthcare setting/industry who can satisfy the course admission team that they have the ability to complete and benefit from this course.  Such applicants shall be required to undertake an interview.

Fees/Application Deadline

The fees for this programme are €18,000, irrespective of mode. The application deadline is 11th of November (2023). Please note an application fee of €50 will apply.. 

Documentation you should have to hand when making an application:

  • proof of qualifications: notarised documents, transcripts for each academic year and final certificate (scanned originals); certified English translations of transcripts/certificates should be submitted where the originals are in a language other than English
  • passport details: page which includes photograph (if the passport is in booklet form), card face which includes photograph (if the passport is a card) (scanned original)
  • English language qualifications if English is not the applicant’s first language
  • one page resume or curriculum vitae: listing your work experience, education, skills and achievements
  • a digital health transformation idea: two paragraphs on an idea of yours for a digital health transformation project

How to Apply

Each mode will commence on January 2, 2024. To apply for the programme, click on this link:


An applicant will be requested to identify which route they plan to take (full-time route, part-time route A, or part-time route B).