Programme Aims

This programme aims to develop digital health transformation agents with the skills, knowledge and abilities to:

  • explore healthcare ecosystem developments, engaging patients, providers, payers, policy makers, pharmacies and pharmaceuticals (6Ps) to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing in order to realise the value potential of these innovative partnerships; and
  • lead core, adjacent and transformational innovations in healthcare settings/sectors/industries, taking a disciplined approach to advancing their understanding of exponential technologies (such as mobility, genomics, imaging and analytics) in order to realise the transformative power of digital disruptions

In so doing, cognisance is taken of the social, legal, ethical and technical issues while ensuring compliance with the standards and regulations governing systems in the healthcare domain.

Programme Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme, graduates will have the skills, knowledge and abilities to:

  1. Understand the dimensions of a patient-centric health ecosystem in order to identify innovation potential.
  2. Assess the potential of exponential technologies and digital services to facilitate collaboration and the sharing of information and knowledge to realise the benefits of an integrated care environment.
  3. Determine how the healthcare industry can best leverage digital technologies to improve clinical development and clinical outcomes having considered information governance challenges.
  4. Understand and apply the fundamental principles and key concepts of developing and managing an innovation culture in a healthcare context.
  5. Anticipate and plan for the acceptance and diffusion of transformational innovations among patient groups and healthcare employees.
  6. Conduct data collection and analysis to inform the development of healthcare innovations.
  7. Utilise user-centred design principles and methods in the development of innovative digital services.
  8. Report on economic evaluations of health technologies.
  9. Adopt rigorous evaluation methods to identify potential opportunities for incorporating exponential technologies in healthcare.
  10. Understand the need for organisations to be agile in adjusting strategies as innovations evolve.