Implementing large-scale change involving digital health technologies requires an organisation to prepare leaders who

  • are flexible, highly adaptable and motivated by outcomes that realise benefits
  • have the capacity to build patient-centred models of care, engaging with stakeholders to realise the benefits of digital technologies in health and social care, to empower patients and enhance their experiences
  • can effectively and consistently engage with patients and staff, bridging cultural differences and managing varying attitudes to change
  • can build a business case for cooperating with process improvements and emerging digital technologies to facilitate information sharing in a more integrated care environment to improve clinical development and clinical outcomes
  • would be capable of directing the planning and deployment of resources in a digital transformation project
  • appreciate the need to capture and disseminate lessons from implementation and deployment of digital technologies

Could this be you?

If so, you may wish to apply for theMSc in Digital Health Transformation
or theMSc in International Digital Health Transformation.